Sunday Morning Worship & Bible Study

Join us every Sunday morning at 10:15 am in the worship center (lower building) for our worship service.

We also have an 8:45 am Sunday school class that is perfect for you! Christ is the focus and love of both teacher and participant of every class here. Come join a group of believers for fellowship, study, sharing and purpose. God has room for us all!  Please scroll down to see a list of our current Sunday school classes.

We also offer child care for children ages 3 and under.

For more information on our worship service, Sunday schools, the curriculum, or if you are interested in assisting, being on our teacher substitute list, or filling a teaching role, contact us.

Adult Sunday School

We have a variety of Adult classes.

Pastor Mike's Class: Pastor Mike's class likes to keep things simple. They pray for each other, study the Bible verse by verse, and do their best to love and encourage each other. Come join the Pastor's class and let God work in your life!


Bereans: Rick Kull teaches a great class for men and women of all ages, straight from the scriptures. This is a large class but there's always room for more. This class meets in Room 8 of the Community Center.

Young Married Couples Class: A great class taught by Nick Belveal for young couples in their 20's and 30's. This class meets in room 2.

Women Growing in Truth: Taught by Michelle Belveal, this is a comfortable place for young women and young mothers to minister together. It is smaller and offers more personal touch, in the south side room of the new Worship center.

Adult Bible Searchers/Disciple Makers: Taught by Lloyd Underwood and Joel Arico. It is a discussion based class for adults and worth checking out. Community Center Room 8.

Men’s Class: Wayne Peterson teaches through solid truths for senior men. There is always room for new visitors. Come experience a great group of guys. Meeting now in room 3 of the Community Center. 

Women’s Class: Taught by Myrtie Peterson, is a class for mature women and offers spiritual strength and growth. Lifeway study materials are generally used, and this class will always seek to bless you. Room 4, Main Floor of Church Building

College & Young Adults Sunday School

College & Young Adults: Jacob Cooper teaches this where they study and learn through individual books of the Bible.  They meet at 12:15 pm, after the service, on the 4th floor of the Union Building on the Casper College campus.  There is food!

Youth Sunday School

We have a great time of Bible study and fellowship.

Jr. High Youth (7th-8th Grade):  This class focuses on helping kids discover their own beliefs. This class is taught by Daniel Underwood and assisted by Pastor Justin Wollerman. They  meet in the basement of the upper building.

Sr. High Youth (9th-12th Grade): Aaron Rodolph leads in learning how to share their beliefs in a world of conflicting ideas and frustrations. Their meeting place is in the basement of the upper building.

Children and Infants

Sunday School

Every child is a gift from God! We treasure children here at CHBC. All of our staff members have undergone a background check and are state certified to serve.

Nursery: Infants and Toddlers: Beth Cooper teaches and cares for your infants, assisted by Pam Bunderson. We have a great staff, who will care and interact with your child. They are located in the nursery.

2 and 3 year olds: Hallie Scott is teaching, assisted by Kim Schow. This lively group of youngsters meets in Room 7 of the Community Center. Your Younger Preschooler will learn Bible truths through stories, songs and a variety of activities.

4 yrs - Kinder: Taught by Caran Smith and Becky Underwood, is for 4 yr old through Kindergarten age, and has an exciting environment for kids. They meet in Room 1 of the Community Center.

First and Second Grade: An awesome class taught by Tony & Debbie Salvador, and Skye Watts. They meet upstairs in Community Center Room 20.

Third and Fourth Grade: Students are taught by Charlotte Lang, and assisted by Wilma Myers. Students and teachers explore the Bible together in this great group. They meet upstairs in the Community Center in Room 22. 

Fifth and Sixth Grade: Taught by Vala Shuck. It is a great place to search and learn about the Word. They meet upstairs in the Community Center in Room 23.