Orphan Ministry

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Why are you here?

The Facts

Prayer Support. We need prayer support over the entire Orphan Ministry as well as over families that decide to adopt or provide foster care. 

Adopt. We will assist and provide information to families that are interested in adopting.

Foster Care. We will provide information for families considering Foster Care.

Family Support. We have a support system ready to help families who are adopting. We want to walk along side your family as you go through the process, raise financial support, as well as any needs you might have once you bring your child home.

Orphan Sponsorship. Members of College Heights sponsor children from Chande Baptist Orphanage in Kitwe, Zambia. We are always in need of more sponsors.

Foster Ministry. We would like to provide children in Foster Care with necessary items they may need once they are taken out of the home. We also want to provide mentors to help these families get back on their feet so their children can be returned to them. This may include teaching life skills and/or helping improve their home.